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Faculty and Staff

Little Flower Catholic School employs or contracts teachers who hold baccalaureate or higher degrees and who are professionally certified or in the certification process.  Teachers are certified Catechists through the Archdiocese of Miami Catechetical Training Program. Teachers have continuous professional development training through the Archdiocese of Miami, the State of Florida, and the Florida Catholic conference to ensure knowledge and implementation of accepted quality standards in education, especially in integrating technology into the curriculum. 

Little Flower School Faculty and Staff 2020-2021

Father Javier Barreto,  Parish Administrator
Mrs. Omayra Roy, MS Ed.L Principal
Mrs. Marta Kidd, MA Ed.Sci Middle School Coordinator
Mrs. Sandra Kearns, B.A.,C Ed. Elementary School Coordinator
  Office Manager/Registrar


Mrs. Renee Campbell, CDA Pre-K 
Mrs. Mary Munoz, B.A., CDA Pre-K
Mrs. Nicole Fariello, MA Ed.  Kindergarten
Mrs. Terri Trese, M.Sci. 1st Grade
Mrs. Sandra Kearns, B.A.,C Ed. 2nd Grade
Mrs. Jessica Cuvet, B.Ed 3rd/4th Grade and Math Specialist
Miss Melody Solomon, B.Ed. 5th Grade Homeroom
Mrs. Margaret Vazquez, B.Ed 6th Grade Homeroom
Mrs. Leanne Van Ry, MA  Ed. 7th Grade Homeroom
Mrs. Marta Kidd, M.S. Ed. 8th Grade Homeroom
Mrs. Ruth FranceschAni, B.S. Technology Director/Athletic Director
Mrs. Andrea Kelly, BFA Media Specialist and Art Teacher
Sister Mercy Marie, B.A. Theology Middle School Religion
Mrs. Ana Lilia Rodriguez, B.A. Spanish Teacher
Mrs. Angie Wolfe, PCC Physical Education
Dr. Ryan Chapman, Ph.D Band Director
Mrs. Rio Frost, MFA Music Teacher/Choir Director

Teaching Assistants and Support Staff

Mrs. Donna Uricola Office Assistant
Ms.  Laura Uricola Teaching Assistant
Mrs. Jill Leone Teaching Assistant
Mrs. Julie Temmel Teaching Assistant
Mr.  Danny Schadt Maintenance Engineer